Mail Patrol

The MailPatrol is a hosted Spam Firewall cluster that includes a complete Spam and Virus filtering solution which ensures that all email arriving at your mail server is Spam and Virus free.

Unlike other Spam filtering systems and services the Mail Patrol is a dedicated cluster solution with it’s own dedicated hardware resources and an IP address, providing unmatched control and security.

MailPatrol Advantages

  • Blocks 98%+ Spam with no false positives
  • Compatible with all common email servers
  • Reduces email server load by 60-90%
  • No per-domain Fees
  • No expensive hardware to purchase
  • No software to install, configure or maintain
  • Easy to use web interface for management
  • Logging, reporting, statistics and more
  • Provides mail server redundancy

MailPatrol In & Out Filtering

A MailPatrol Spam Firewall is able to immediately start working to block and filter more than 98% of all Spam and Virus infected emails by using it’s default “out of the box” settings alone.

You can be up and running within a 1 hour and seeing an immediate reduction of up to 98% or more of Spam, Viruses and other unwanted email being delivered to your email servers and email account users.

MailPatrol – Reduces Server Load

Positioned “in front” of your existing email server, the MailPatrol Spam Firewall provides an integrated Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution offering complete email protection at the “network perimeter” level, before unwanted or potentially dangerous and costly email reaches your network or mail server.

Unlike other anti-spam solutions, the MailPatrol is able to reduce the load placed on your existing email server by off-loading the task of both Spam and Virus processing and filtering, effectively reducing the volume of Spam, Viruses and other unwanted email reaching your email server by up to 98% or more.

MailPatrol – Protection from Blacklisting & Forgery

Spam, phishing, virus and malware threat protection

Inbound/Outbound black and whitelists for email policy management

Domain Forgery support

IP Blacklisting mail server protection

Easy-to-use Web portal

Statistics reporting

Email Filtering & blacklist Protection

Outbound Email Filtering ensures customers never send

spam or viruses from an infected computer on their network,

preventing their mail servers from being IP blacklisted as a


Our outbound service allows 100MB mail attachments, provides traffic statistics, reporting on usage per-user and prevents email address forgery & spoofing (SPF).


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